Most Frequently Asked Questions About Us

JRC Removals

We provide moving, packing, storage and clearance. We also provide packing materials.

Yes – We are able to carry out your removal at any time that is convenient to you. We are happy to work every day of the year!

We decide on the size of the removal crew when we estimate the amount of goods you have and your schedule for moving. It could be anything from 2-6 men.

We will decide on the size of the van after looking at your home and estimating the amount of space needed to pack all of your furniture and boxes. 

It depends on how big is your property. Usually studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom depends on size we can do in 1 day. Everything above 3 bedroom we split the job in 2 days, day 1 packing service and day 2 moving.

We try to be as efficient as possible but there are several factors that affect the time it takes to complete a removal. Based on distance and volume of goods and how far our removal crew have to walk from where the van is parked to the house door at each end of the removal.

We can do part-packing service. We always recommend the client to pack personal items, clothes, toys and documents. We recommend to leave for us kitchen, all art, pictures, mirrors, statues, all fragile items and furniture.

Yes, we offer wide range of packing materials for removal and storage.

Yes. We can deliver in advance all packing materials if you wish before the moving date. We recommend to leave all fragile items for us, pictures, mirrors, lamps and antiques in particular.

We can park on single yellow line for loading and unloading up to 20 minutes. We can park on double yellow line and single yellow for longer period if the customer agrees to pay for the parking ticket (usually £65 in London).

Yes, we can arrange parking. This is subject to additional cost.

JRC Removals Bolton (International) 43 Captain Street, suite 1, Horwich BOLTON BL6 7PS
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